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Download Brochure PDFs

Our Second Opinion Telemedicine Solutions brochures are available by mail and can also be viewed online.

To request a mailed Brochure please use the Contact Us Form.


Customer Locations (download 172 Kb)


Second Opinion™ Professional (download 272 Kb)
Second Opinion™ WebAccess (download 175 Kb)
Second Opinion™ Forensic Edition (download 358 Kb)
Second Opinion™ Custom Form Designer (download 96 Kb)


Family of Products (download 1.53 Mb)
Complete Telemedicine Solution (download 1.03 Mb)


FireDragon CSFU15BC18 (download 370 Kb)
FireDragon: CSFS20CC2 (download 370 Kb)
CS6910F (download 410 Kb)
CSF5M7C3L18M (download  550 Kb)
GiantDragon: CSGU15BC18 (download 360 Kb)
GiantDragon: CSGS20CC2 (download 360 Kb)
CS6910G (download  410 Kb)

Medical Peripherals:

General Exam Scope - The Only scope you will ever need! (download 354 Kb)
Economical Video Dermascope/Cosmetic Camera (download 420 Kb)
HD Teli Monitor T24MSA001-MD (download 550 Kb)