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Store & Forward Collaboration Software

Second Opinion™ Professional was created to capture images, media clips, text documents and custom database forms, as well as more complex information, into a patient folder. It features integrated security and sophisticated annotation tools. The database is designed to be shared by many users across multiple locations. It also supports integration with other products and custom forms written in most of the major programming languages.Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Real-time collaboration (white boarding) and data transfer (electronic stethoscope) is included


Files.SecondOpinion.Net is a premium HIPPA compliant, Secured, Cloud based, File Sharing Portal. It can be used as a standalone File Sharing Portal solution or in conjunction with Second Opinion Professional Store and Forward software client. Supported Document / File types can be uploaded to the Portal and Shared. There are a variety of different "sharing" options that you control. For a small monthly fee, sites can upload and share case files for "Peer" review, Specialist Review, or Professional access.


 Digital and Video Camera Forensic Kits

Second Opinion™ has long been a premier telehealth software publisher and now we are offering complete Forensic kits with accessories of all kinds that we have tested and given our seal of approval. These products are special and unique, that solve the little problems that we have come across in the course of selling and installing our software. By solving some of these challenges it allows our users to do their job more efficiently with better results.


 Mobile Medical Carts

Our mobile medical carts come complete with everything you need;  video conferencing, Second Opinion™ Professional store and forward interactive collaboration software, real-time in-band data channel in both H.323 and H.320 calls, medical peripherals and room to expand.  These units are flexible and can be tailored to your specific applications and they can be used in most medical specialties.


Medical Peripherals

Medical Devices