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Who We Are

Our goal is to establish a nationwide network that allows rural clinics to communicate with specialists.

Our commitment is to provide simple to use technology which encourages the medical community to share its resources and enables clients, no matter how big or small, to connect with a specialist for a “Second Opinion.”

We have been in business over twenty five years as a systems integrator and custom software developer. Since 1992, we have been pioneering Store and Forward / collaboration applications. Our new WebAccess module is a web accessable front end that allows specialists to access the Second Opinion™ Professional data / documents from the web. The Second Opinion™ VitalSign Manager is an add-in that manages and transmits vital sign data using off-the-shelf medical peripherals.

Second Opinion Telemedicine Solutions, Inc. is now a full-service telemedicine solution company, offering a wide variety of products, including Second Opinion™ software, Mobile Medical Carts, medical peripherals (video scopes, cameras, vital sign monitors).

Our team has just completed the development of our protocol-driven portable home unit system.  It includes real-time ECG capabilities, the support for standard medical peripherals, patient education modules, and clinical questionnaires. Real-time audio and video capabilities are also supported, all while using POTS as the minimum bandwidth threshold.

Our products are used throughout the world and our software is now the standard for many Telemedicine networks in the United States and Canada.