Customers / Testimonials

March 3, 2010

"I have been using Second Opinion Telemedicine Software for private practice Store and Forward Teledermatology since 2002. I have seen almost 3000 patients referred from various independent clinics and hospitals. The program has worked very well and I have immediate access to all of the patient files generated over the past 8 years. The viewing module for evaluating patient images is excellent. Most of all, the response from Second Opinion, when I have needed assistance, has been prompt."

Marc E. Goldyne, MD, PhD, FAAD
Clinical Professor of Dermatology
University of California San Francisco


February 5, 2009

We first met the Second Opinion professionals in 1998 and have been collaborating successfully with them since. Through the years they have provided both leadership and support in developing, implementing and sustaining innovative telehealth solutions acceptable to both patients and clinicians. Ever the visionaries, we have adopted their motto of "we'll make it work" and applaud them as the constant key to our many successes within the Telemedicine environment. Awesome to work with, they accentuate professionalism and commitment in all that they do.

Krisan Palmer
Telehealth Coordinator Zone 2
Horizon Health Network
Saint John, NB

December 26, 2007

Second Opinion™ provides the Georgia Telemedicine Program with a secure and high quality way to deliver medical care to patients throughout the state of Georgia.  This software provides the necessary tools demanded by the Georgia Telemedicine Program to offer specialty care to patients that would otherwise not receive timely treatment.

Second Opinion™ allows medical personnel to capture patient data, electronically transfer, and store high resolutions medical images and information with ease even for the most non-computer savvy individual.  This software allows medical personnel to store documents and images securely and easily retrieve them at a moments notice along with the ability to transfer this information immediately to other sites making the process one of simplicity.  It is not only imperative that medical information be high quality and accurate but secure.  Second Opinion™ ensures that patient data is encrypted and secure, allowing patients to receive services in remote locations that they otherwise may not have accessible to them.  These patients are able to receive quality healthcare with the click of a mouse and a keystroke while specialists can view images and documentation in real-time to provide immediate diagnoses and treatment plans.

Second Opinion Telemedicine Solutions, Inc. has played a viable role in the incredible success of the Georgia Telemedicine Program providing capabilities for both live video and store and forward encounters.

Paula Guy
Executive Director
Georgia Partnership for Telehealth
Waycross, GA